Lightning Talks

Lighting Talks are 7-minute presentations that serve as valuable introductions to a project, topic, or idea.

At OCULA Spring Conference 2017, we’ll hear from 16 speakers representing 10 different institutions.


Session title

Dr. Karen Armstrong – York University Issues of time’s urgency and ritual in children’s picture books: a closer look at the role of grandparents
Denise Smith – McMaster University It’s not you, it’s me… Why my job inspired me to dump Facebook
Michelle Goodridge – Wilfrid Laurier University Player 2 has entered the game: contextualizing academic research using games
Caroline Whippey – Brescia University College

Elan Paulson-Western University

Student2Scholar: A Tale of 2 Stories
Patricia Buckley – Sheridan College

Gouthami Vigneswaran – Sheridan College

Shelley Woods – Sheridan College

Materializing Applied Learning through Innovative Library Collections
Lydia Thorne  – University of Manitoba Tell them stories: The art of crafting professional value through digital storytelling
Victoria Wong – Western University Tales from the Annex – Planting the Seeds of a LIS Student Podcast
Chryslyn Pais – McMaster University Flip the Script: Make your audience the hero of your story
Heather Buchansky – University of Toronto Libraries

Jesse Carliner – University of Toronto Libraries

A picture is worth a thousand words: Telling your library’s story in visually compelling ways
Jessica Blackwell – University of Waterloo Narrative in the Archivists’ Instructional Toolkit
 Lynne Serviss – McMaster University The art of listening with empathy
Patricia Moore – Carleton University Wrestling with Metrics: Deriving the unanswerable from the unmeasurable