OCULA (Ontario College and University Library Association) has been hosting its Spring Conference since 2011. This gathering of university and college library staff provides an environment to hear local, regional and nationally recognized speakers give topical presentations and/or conduct professionally diverse dynamic workshops. The careful planning of these events are designed to give members the opportunity to learn about and work through the latest challenges that confront academic libraries and the chance to network with their peers in the region.

2018 Program Planners

Past OCULA Spring Conferences

2017 – Storytime! Using Narrative to Represent Ourselves, Our Work, and Our Libraries

  • Planned by Fiona Inglis, Jack Young, and Juliene McLaughlin

2016 – Creating Space: Expanding the Physical, Digital, and Mental Boundaries of the Academic Library

  • Planned by Jack Young, Fiona Inglis, and Chris Landry

2015 – Crossing Thresholds

  • Planned by Denise Smith with assistance from Peter Duerr and Mark Weiler

2014 – Celebrate the Letter M: Marketing, Mobile and More

  • Co-planned by: Lynne Serviss & Rhonda Roth

2013 – Forward-Facing Librarian: The Future of Reference and Instruction in Academic Libraries

  • Co-planned by: Jennifer Peters & Sarah Forbes, with assistance from Sandra Dimock

2012 – Bring it ON! Shaping the Future of Academic Libraries (co-hosted with WNY/ONT ACRL)

  • Planned by: Jennifer Peters, with assistance from David Bertucca and Michelle Arbuckle

2011 – Innovation and Creativity in Academic Libraries (co-hosted with WNY/ONT ACRL)

  • Co-planned by: Kevin Manuel & Jennifer Peters, with assistance from David Bertucca and Michelle Arbuckle